Dongguan Kaicheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. Specializes In The Production And Sales Of Hardware Parts And Plastic Parts.


  • 10

    10 years of experience in precision parts processing
  • 10000

    10,000 square meters production and processing base
  • 130

    There are more than 130 employees in the factory
  • 120

    The company has more than 120 equipment

    Grasp every process carefully, ensure quality and reduce processing costs


    Focus on precision parts processing

        CNC machining
    • CNC machining

      Various types of materials can be processed, such as 316, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, alloy aluminum and complex structure parts.

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      • 01/04
        Turning and milling
    • Turning and milling

      An advanced manufacturing technology. Compound processing is the realization of several different processing techniques on one machine tool.

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      • 02/04
        Automatic lathe processing
    • Automatic lathe processing

      Automatic lathe processing is suitable for the processing and manufacturing of precision parts such as copper, aluminum and iron.

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      • 03/04
        CNC machining
    • CNC machining

      The machining quality is stable, the machining accuracy is high, the repeat accuracy is high, and the cutting time is reduced.

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      • 04/04

    Kaicheng Precision Hardware has worked hard to cast precision parts processing

  • Small strength

    There is no experienced production team and professional production workshop, and there is little staff experience.

  • Not guaranteed

    The quality is unstable, the cost is high, the processing equipment is backward, and there is no strict inspection system.

  • Poor accuracy

    Various surface treatments required by customers cannot be completed, and the processing dimensions vary greatly.

  • No after-sales

    Without professional product customer service personnel, they cannot provide customers with products and services.

  • chooseKaicheng—— Address the above concerns

    Focus on doing every precision part with heart for many years


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    Products are widely used in many fields


    CNC machining and non-standard custom machining of precision hardware

  • Experience

    8 years of precision parts processing

    The plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and there are more than 130 employees (including nearly 40 quality personnel). The technical engineers have more than 10 years of operating experience. The delivery time is faster and the deformation is controllable.

  • good quality
    good quality

    High product quality

    The raw materials are all made of good raw materials, with stable performance, long service life, reducing the defective rate of parts, and a wide range of products and complete specifications.

  • 快速交货
    Fast delivery

    High processing accuracy

    Various surface treatments can be carried out according to customer requirements. The maximum processing size can reach φ35mm, the length is 2000mm, and the processing accuracy can reach ±0.004mm.

  • Good after-sales
    Good after-sales

    Targeted problem solving

    Equipped with professional product customer service personnel to assist customers in choosing products suitable for their machinery, with large quantities and preferential treatment.


    Conquer Customers With Technology And Quality Strength


    Professional production, design and sales of various precision metal parts

    Dongguan Kaicheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2001 and moved to Dongguan in 2011. It is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise with an area of 10,000 square meters. It specializes in the production and sales of hardware and plastic parts. Products are mainly used in OA series, motor shafts, manipulators, medical accessories, aviation model aircraft accessories, auto accessories, ATM teller machines, radio and television communications, mechanical equipment........


    Obtained a number of honorary certificates in the field of precision parts


    Provide you with new industry trends in time

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